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August 28 2019

Do you every wish you could slow down the speed your baby just grows up? Want to spend more time with your baby and enjoy your time more as a family? 

Our new Smart Baby Milk Bar will help with this, automatically mixing the right amount of baby milk formula with water at a chosen temperature so you are now able to make sterilised baby milk at the touch of a button, either on your smart phone or directly on the machine. We currently have our smart baby milk formula machine on an introductory offer to the UK market, using AL619 you can get 20% off on our online shop, amelielamb.co.uk.

Our baby formula machine is the only baby milk maker on the UK market, we have developed this for our family and now proudly offer this From our Family to Yours. 

We can’t give you more hours in the day, we can’t slow down the speed your little darling grows up. We can however make your time more efficient so it feels like it!

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